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Noopl, Never Miss A Moment

Does anyone suffer from hearing loss or have trouble hearing? I know I do! Most of the time when I am out in a crowded place, or doing work at a coffee shop etc the surrounding noise makes its hard for me to focus and hear what is right in front of me! I was recently turned on to Noopl, which is an advanced hearing enhancement for your iPhone that gives you the ability to hear clearly in noisy places so you can connect better with those around you. I work from home so love to head to my local coffee shop to get some work done. Sometimes when I’m speaking with my business partner and the restaurant or coffee shop is too loud, the Noopl helps me when my surroundings are too noisy!

It's pretty cool because Noopl is made for pretty much anyone who has a hard time hearing in noisy places, like a crowded restaurant or coffee place, grocery store etc. The accessory uses Airpods Pro dynamic head tracking to sense where you are looking and focus on the conversations you want to hear. This is a game changer because when it's too loud, my boyfriend, and business partner won’t need to hear me constantly say, “what did you say” “huh” etc. At Noopl, they believe that capturing the nuances of every conversation adds clarity and vibrance to our lives. Recently when I was at the mall, I brought my computer to work while my boyfriend was at the apple store waiting on his appointment. I put in my headphones, plugged in my Noopl and the crowded mall, the people walking by etc made it so much easier for me to hear clearer when my boyfriend was talking to me! I seem to have the same hearing loss issue as my father ;) Not sure if it's hereditary or selective hearing ;) but I will for sure be getting one of these devices for him as well! Now we can both hear more clearly, especially since my dad and I love to go out to eat! Being out in public and being able to hear better is the gift we all need!

The Noopl device is for sure a great solution! What makes it the best , especially being named “Best of CES 2021” by Newsweek and TechHive, is that it connects with your air pods and your iPhone so it is sleek and just looks like you're listening to music etc. My boyfriend always jokes and says I have the hearing of a 90 year old man and that I should get hearing aids! With Noopl it makes me feel more confident and secure with the technology and the way it seamlessly uses the devices I already use every single day, my AirPods and iPhone! Their mission, hear where you look, hear what you control and hear through the noise is something we all should get behind and try!

Everyone should try a pair! Check them out here Noopl and their instagram handle @noopl_Inc With a 90-day money back guarantee, and give all their customizers a one year warranty, Noopl promise makes it a no brainer to purchase! Whether it's for yourself or a loved one! Lets all “never miss a moment” Click the link to pursue your next pair:


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