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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the best time of the year THE HOLIDAYS and that means another Holiday gift guide 2021 – I'm so excited to share with you the top 5 amazing things this holiday season that make for great gifts for anyone....even yourself! ;)

By far one of my favorite new wines! I had the pleasure of visiting the winery in October and tried all of their wines made in house! The Velvet made a lasting impression on me. I ended up ordering a case right away!! This is a must this holiday season espcaily if you love a nice clean wine that goes down easy 😉

Velvet Reserve 2020 has a vivid ruby color an comes from the blend of Petite Sirah and Zinfandel grapes grown in our Clarksburg vineyards. It is a slightly-oaked fruit bomb with lots of cassis and strawberry flavors. It balances power and smoothness with a round palate and soft but robust tannins. It is the classic food-friendly wine that can pair with mild and flavorful foods. Young, vibrant, powerful and smooth. 15.5% Alcohol, 1.8% RS

Purchase the wine here and use my code BKELLY for 5% off & Follow them on instagram: @chateauelanwines

Also Chateau Elan Wines is giving a portion of their proceeds to a charity called 'Lift Up Atlanta"

2. Mind Plus Beauty

Mind Plus Beauty products are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and provide you with better sleep, more energy and a state of mind that is focused, calm and positive AND skin that healthy and radiant. Every day is an extended aromatherapy session without the time needed for a massage or a bath. And better yet, all our formulas are proprietary and offer you an experience that you will not find anywhere else.

''Skincare with aromatherapy for great skin and a great you! All Natural, cruelty free and sustainable''

Follow Mind Plus Beauty on Instagram & shop the brand here!

3. Skullcoaster


"Skullcoaster was born from two passions, my love of design and my joy in encouraging people to listen to the voice of their authentic selves. The skull represents your thoughts, and the coaster is the ride you take with them. You choose. Thinking for yourself is essential when the thoughts you think create the life you live.

Super cool shirts made to make you feel good and look cool!

Purchase yours here today and follow them on instagram

4. Black + Decker Corded Vacuum + Steam Mop

Everyone needs a good vacuum and steam mom why not comb the two! Eliminate tough dirt and grime with the cleaning power of steam. Controls easily switch between functions so you can vacuum and steam atthe same time or separately. A large capacity dustbin and powerful steam boiler enable effective one step leaning. Leave your home sparkling clean!

Where to buy

5. AVANA Water Bottle

Life is all about discovery. Avana is your perfect sidekick along the way. My favorite reusable water bottle! I have them in red and green and use them pretty much every day!


  • Premium FreeSip® Technology - the straw reinvented

  • Triple-layer insulation

  • Flexible carry loop

Purchase yours here: AVAN Follow them on instagram @avana


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