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Back Where it all Began

One year later Sean and I forged a patnership with the Seagate Hotel to help promote the ease of travel to their facilites bringing along our two friends LeeAnne Locken & Tiffany Hendra! We, created a sharable event #funinthesun at The Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach co-hosted by Real Housewives of Dallas stars and real life best friends. It was a pleasure to show our town to the Dallas girls and let them see what Delray Beach has to offer! Although LeeAnne has come to Delray in the past, to host previous events we produced, this time it was different. Being able to stay at our favorite resort in town and truly showcasing to the masses why Delray is a place to be, was so much fun to highlight that experience with them!

The digital event experience created by Ticket2Events was their debut to creating a space for everyone to enjoy while maintaining necessary safety precautions amid the pandemic. Years in the making allowed for the event planning skills developed by myself and Sean Koski to flourish .LeeAnne Locken stuns on balcony at Seagate Hotel & Spa despite restrictions. From start to finish the duo aimed to "keep the message fun and effortless just like a party should be" said Sean Koski. Hosts LeeAnn Locken and Tiffany Hendra increased the message online highlighting how to integrate safe measures on their way to the fun from Dallas to Delray - by sharing their travels and all other aspects that weekend using the hashtag #funinthesun. To kick off their travel adventure the gals, with Steamline luggage in tow and Planeair sanitizer in hand, showcased how to complete a germ free flight to Delray Beach, FL. The #funinthesun for LeeAnn Locken and Tiffanny Hendra seemed to continue effortlessly for days and with nods to Hydralyte the electrolyte powder that rehydrates faster than water, it was no surprise why.

With their digital community tuned in for the experiencethe ladies continued to check in and include the millions of viewers along the way, staying camera ready day or night with products we broughht from previous events we produced!

Enthusiastically the interest of future and fellow vacationers alike were met with interactions from LeeAnne Locken and Tiffanny Hendra in real life. We were able to feautre the reimagined menu at The Atlantic Grill a restaurant onsite and directly when responding to questions about staying at The Seagate Hotel & Spa. "The new opportunity Ticket2Events created is exciting," Locken started to say of the travel event experience, "I'm looking forward to hosting again! Either #funinthesnow or #funontheship - whatever travel experience that these two can cook up they can count me in!" With the idea of more digital events , “Since there are guidelines in place and we can count on brands like Planeaire or Hydralyte to grant an additional layer to health protection, I think there's a chance you'll be seeing another party like this one soon.

We cant wait to get back to the Seagate and enjoy another #staycation! We are excited to announce though, that due to our amazing content we landed a wedding we are producing there this summer! It's nice to see that the social media content you are creating pays off! :)


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