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  • Writer's pictureOfficial Brian Kelly

Celsius Brand Ambassador

Im excited to announce I am one of the new Celisus's brand ambassadors! I have been a huge fan of celsius for many years- through their old packaging, limited flavors till now watching them take over the live fit / healthy lifestyle!

I have also lived a very active lifestyle but once the pandemic had hit- I realized even more so that my fitness, mind, body and soul was even more important to me! I dedicated myself even more to working out and celsius has helped me in that journey. Allowing me to stay more focused on my routine or going to the gym and working out more consecutively.

Whats even more amazing about Celsius, is not only the benefits that celsius has but the flavors they offer! My go to drink is the Kiwi guava!

Check out celsius on instagram @celsisuofficial and order your 4 pack now on amazon or find them at your grocery store! Im sure you if you don't already love and drink celsius you will now! :)


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