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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

It’s the best time of the year THE HOLIDAYS and the launch of my official Holiday gift guide 2020 – I'm so excited to share with you some amazing things this holiday season that make for great gifts for anyone....even yourself! ;)


A wireless portable charger that contains an impressive 20,000 mAh capacity which allows between 7-10 smartphone recharges. Additionally, it can charge multiple devices at once and weighs less than a pound, so it can fit in just about any bag or pocket. The Wireless 20k battery pack only costs $27.95 and is a great gift for any woman you know who is always on the go.

The HidrateSpark STEEL is the the world's smartest water bottle that tracks your water intake, glows to remind you to drink, syncs via Bluetooth to our hydration app, Fitbit, and more. HidrateSpark calculated your daily water goals and will glow and send smart reminders to keep you hydrating throughout your morning and into the afternoon. Since launching in 2015, HidrateSpark has empowered a community of more than 750,000 users to live a better life through proper hydration and have saved over 55 million plastic water bottles. Forget Thirst with HidrateSpark -Cost - 59.95: sold on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple and online at

Who doesn't love a selfie LIGHT!!! The LITTIL Selfie One brings professional lighting to your photos and videos while being small enough to carry with you anywhere. It fits on your phone or laptop so say goodbye to poorly lit pictures and hello to bright, flawless selfies. Plus, it makes the perfect gift! The 60 high powered LEDs provide three different light tones and 10 different brightness settings to perfectly control the lighting in any setting. It can highlight and make your pictures look on point even in the darkest environments. Its the perfect gift for kids, friends, relatives, influencer's or anyone who wants to take the perfect selfie and ensure their photos and videos always look great. The best part is that its small enough to carry with you and bring it anywhere you want! :)

Health & Wellness

UM! HELLO this stuff is amazing & it taste good too! Liquiod IV delivers hydration to your bloodstream faster & more efficiently than water alone. 1 Liquid I.V. can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water & contains 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with 5 essential vitamins.

Whats even better about Liquid IV is their mission! Their mission is to help people everywhere live better lives - to optimize the body, hydrate those in need, and better the planet. Our focus on creating the Best Products, Giving Back, and Sustainability are the ways in which we're charging into the future - transforming our business, our industry, and the entire globe. We know that with the power of our community, together, we can Change The World #CTW.

Their 4 flavors are amazing:

Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, Non-GMO electrolyte drink mix powered by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®) to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster & more efficiently than water alone. 1 Liquid I.V. can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water & contains 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with 5 essential vitamins.

Introducing Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support, our cutting-edge blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Wellmune®️ designed to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

Introducing Energy Multiplier, our revolutionary blend of Matcha, Guayusa and Ginger, powered by CTT® for delicious, sustained energy throughout the day. While Energy Multiplier contains roughly 100 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 1-2 cups of coffee, it’s actually a much better option!

For the fitness enthusiast, CELSIUS energy drink (wildly popular with fit folks), is a healthy energy drink with 7 essential vitamins, zero sugar, no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, non-GMO and very low sodium, vegan and Kosher. It doesn’t give you a crash or jitters, unlike traditional energy drinks, and is clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, burn calories, boost endurance and help build lean body muscle.


Two of my new favorite work out apparel companies are fivebyfive and Victa Fit Apparel

A fitness apparel brand that doesn’t like to be conventional. They believe each fitness journey is unique and that what you wear should be functional, high quality, and represent your own individual style. They stand for community, acceptance and equality which is amazing and I feel like every brand should have that mission! PLUS their clothing are super durable and fit just right! I have the purpose tee and the purpose shorts! The brand is made for high performance activity! There Purpose Tee features breathable mesh paneling across the upper back, shoulders and sleeves. The fabric is treated to be odor resistant and to ensure fast drying in times of high perspiration which is key because I like to get a good sweat on when working out ;) There shorts have a built in compression that helps to prevent muscle fatigue and strains, making these shorts ideal for any leg workout or cardio. The tight-lock phone pocket also means your possessions won’t move around or fall out when exercising. I have a big phone so it was important for my the shorts to fit that..and they do!! Plus they make you feel good when you put them on, which I think all work out clothes should do! Shop Here:

If you want clothing that will show off your physics, this is the brand for you! The premium quality bamboo tees come in great dark colors that feel SO SOFT! Not only do you want to work out in these clothes but honestly you would want to sleep in them because the martial feels so good on your body haha! I swear the fabric is so high end but so affordable! Their motto #lookgoodfeelbetter is right on!

Most of their clothes are unisex which is awesome! They are Super light weight, temperature controlling, and antibacterial. These long sleeves have a fitted style, hugging the right parts of the body to highlight your physique & there essential Tees have a fitted look around the chest and shoulders and looser around the torso to give that V tapered aesthetic.

The Andy Jogger Pants & Hoodie

Are you are looking for soft? Fundamental coast uses our "Andy" fabric to create a jogger pant & hoodie like no other. The Andy cashmere touch white jogger pant and hoodie is constructed out of brushed cashmere touch fabric with Spandex for added stretch and comfort in a modern fit. This jogger and hoodie set are a MUST this winter! Super super comfortable you can wear them inside lounging and being lazy all day or out all day doing whatever into the night! Either way you won't want to take these off I SWEAR. I have already wore them and then washed them so I can wear them again within the same week! They have women's as well as mens.... so ladies don't be shy match your hubby ;)

Food & Beverage

Rosé ALL DAY BABY! Yes even for the Holidays its Rosé season. Give the gift of the perfect Rosé wine...Bodavar! I drink the Rosé almost exclusively because its soooooo good! Whenever I can I always try to even incorporate them into my events (when events where a thing)! Not only is the wine so delicious but the bottle its self. From opening the bottle, to pouring the glass the whole experience is worth a taste!

If you know me you know that I LOVEEEEEEEE tequila. Honestly its the only alcohol I can and really love to drink besides rosé and a red wine. But typically my go to choice is a tequila drink! Whether its neat on the rocks or or splash of sprite....yes sprite tequila is amazing! Blue Nector I have found a new love for -Whether you are looking for a sipping tequila or a tequila to make a great Margarita or a savory Bloody Maria, the Blue Nectar tequilas fit the bill. Sophisticated tequilas for the sophisticated drinker. The Blue Nectar tequilas have both a rustic and sophisticated feel to them-

I wanted to tell you about Knack’s gift boxes ( People who are wanting to connect with loved ones when they can’t be together in person are turning to Knack for authentic, meaningful gifts. Knack specializes in totally customizable gifts with an unforgettable unboxing experience. Their gifting platform allows you to create gifts for any occasion or interest, or by an ethos near and dear to your heart. Knack’s website,, offers three fun and easy ways to shop. You can choose an expertly curated gift and purchase it as-is. Or, you can take that gift box and add or swap items until it’s perfect. You can even build a gift from scratch with one of Knack’s exclusive Gift Builders.

Give the gift of the highest quality vodka this holiday season. Crafted in Russia and based in Florida, ZYR Vodka is the smoothest and the single highest rated vodka from every major reviewer in the world. Among all other distilled spirits, ZYR stands alone with a perfect 100 point rating on the Wine Enthusiast scale - it is the cleanest tasting, most versatile choice for sipping neat, on the rocks or in a ZYR Vodka Martini. The ZYR recipe is velvety smooth with a clean, fresh and slightly sweet finish. There’s no greater opportunity to provide a pure pleasure in the glass, whether chilled or on the rocks. ZYR is sold in every major retailer and independent liquor stores in Florida, as well as served at local bars and restaurants. Find ZYR for the Holiday’s here:

At home coffee! For us who spend hundreds of dollars out buying coffee, look no further! The Cold brew at home coffee maker has saved me so much money and time! The best part is that you can use any coffee that you like but have it at the convenience at your home! What's great about this is that its super simple to do and small enough to just keep in your fridge or in your cabinet when not using it! It doesn't take up to much space which is what a lot of people don't like about other at home coffee machines. ENJOY DELICIOUS, HOMEMADE COLD BREW COFFEE IN JUST MINUTES! - No need to wait for the traditional 18-24 hours to prepare homemade cold brew coffee. The Vinci Express Cold Brew coffee maker allows you to brew your very own cold brew coffee within minutes. Vinci's patented "Circle Flow" brewing technology ensures a fast, delicious, bold cold brew that is smooth, clean, and virtually sediment-free.

Who doesn't love home made juice! Im not the biggest juicer lol but I do love orange juice and grapefruit juice-plus making it fresh at home and adding some nice bubbly to it...IS PERFECT! The Citrus Juicer is EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN - First of its kind! Simple 1-button automated press operation. Much easier to use than a regular citrus press, juicers, or handheld juice squeezers.

No description necessary! JUST BUY IT! It’s one of the best red blend wine out there PERIOD. I had the pleasure of going to Napa and visiting their vineyard last December and fell in LOVE. I use to only purchase it on certain occasions aka during the Holidays because its a little bit more expensive but its worth every penny! Now I just get it whenever Im in the mood for red wine! ;) Honestly I would recommend buying two bottle if you are going to share because you won't want too and you will for sure want one full bottle ALL TO YOURSELF. *(Drink responsibly though)*

Chef Max created his spice line, to encourage people to add new flavors to their favorite everyday meals. The line includes spices from his native Bahamian heritage like coriander, fenugreek, turmeric, brown mustard powder, cumin, and white rice powder. The spices are available for next day and two shipping right to your door. They are also the perfect stocking stuffer for the culinary lover in your family or friend circle! Chef Max also just launched his new cutting board line. Inspired by his time in professional kitchens, the wood is stain and moisture-resistant protecting the board from splitting, warping, and scarring. The board is easy to stow and clean, hand wash and dry and to keep the board pristine apply a few drops of mineral oil.

A little bit about Chef Max Hardy. Chef Max is a Bahamian-American, professional chef, and owner of Coop Detroit. Chef Max collaborated with Bob Marley's son, Rohan Marley to create The Marley Coffee Cookbook. The cookbook is filled with incredible coffee-infused recipes and anecdotes about growing up as the son of legendary musician Bob Marley, who to this day is revered by music lovers young and old

Everything you need to make your extra strong coffee dreams a reality-Coffee lovers, this is for you! If you love coffee as much I do and cold brew, then the Wandering Bear coffee is the perfect gift! Even if you don't, when you taste the delicious coffee you will be hooked! As the first company to make boxed cold brew, they have had plenty of time to perfect the bag-in-box "coffee on tap" format! There packaging is 100% recyclable and keeps the coffee fresh even after opening! They come in 3 flavors, straight black, hazelnut & vanilla!

The cold brew and pods are made using more coffee, delivering an extra strong cup with at least 2x the caffeine. The Wandering Bear is surprisingly smooth, full, flavorful and ready to customize any way you like which is awesome! And Yet, Everything they make is coffee. Really good coffee. And its ORGANIC and great tasting!!! I love the Cold Brew Tap because its already made and easy to drink when I don't want to wait and go out to the store and also the coffee grounds because I also have a cold brew maker so its perfect! :) However you like your coffee, Wandering Bear is the perfect choice!


Who doesn’t love to be transcended into one of the most coveted spots on the east coast The Hamptons! Hamptons Kollection has three amazing candles that will transcend you into The Hamptons, Palm Beach and give you those "Holiday Jitters"! when you’re stuck in the Picture this: "That feeling out east - summer night bonfires, endless days in the sun, an irresistible call to the sea & unforgettable memories with friends & family!"

Scent: Lilac & Lavender.


That feeling of an escape to a permanent tropical vacation, filled with sun soaked days, endless drinks by the sea and unforgettable memories with friends & family!

Scent; Grapefruit & Fig


Or that feeling when the best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear- Holiday Jitters

Scent: Oakmoss & Amber

All candles are 9oz 100% hand poured! Also with code ILOVECANDLES they are giving off 30% off for the Holidays! Snag them now before they sell out!

These sheets are EPIC! Super soft, light weight and comes in great colors! Experience Celliant Performance Sheets - an FDA-determined medical device and general wellness product - the perfect combination of five-star comfort and revolutionary technology designed to promote a healthier, more restful sleep. These luxurious sateen weave sheets are made with a blend of premium long-staple cotton and patented Celliant polyester yarns. This combination of special yarns creates a soft, smooth and wrinkle-resistant fabric that looks and feels amazing while providing wellness benefits that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cabinet Caddy provides an opportunity to reclaim cluttered spaces. Perfect for spices, medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, workbench hardware and more, Cabinet Caddy fits stand cabinets and looks great on countertops as well. Each Cabinet Caddy holds 30% larger bottles than competitors. Just pull and rotate the device for easy access to organized items. Cabinet Caddy was engineered to fit and function neatly side-by-side to create a “library” of organized materials. Complete with stick-on labels and foam stability inserts to keep smaller bottles from tipping. No assembly required.


An absolute must this holiday season! Guys and girls you need to take care of your skin and the best products are from X08 Skincare! I have used this product now for 3 years and can honestly say its AMAZING! My favorites are the XO8 EYE + LIP DUO & the XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask.

XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask uses a cocktail of unique and highly active ingredients proven extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin. Our proprietary blend includes the purest pluripotent stem cells, amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants necessary to fight the signs of aging.

XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Eye and Lip Masks are the perfect addition to your home care regimen. Simply place eye and/or lip pad(s) on appropriate area and leave for up to 30 minutes. Use excess essence from the packet and smooth into the skin for an instant, firming lift.

Of course I have to thank my two favorite girls Lindsey and Lilly from LLSCENE who got me hooked on these amazing products :)

Everyone is in need of a face mask this year! 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. My friend Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of NY and her daughter Ally have created their own mask line called Shop Jill & Ally. They make the cutest, stylish and most comfortable (reusable) masks out there! The best part besides the cool colors, mask chains and even mask bags that they are making/selling, is that with every purchase, they give back one to someone in need! They have already donated over 30k masks- HOW AMAING! Jill you are doing amazing things. I have been working with Jill and known her for almost 9 years now and she is not only the kindest and most hardworking person I know but has a great heart and loves to give back! She and her daughter are killing it in this mask business and making sure no matter what, philanthropic component is important in their business!

Purchase these masks, I swear they will be the only ones you will need to use and buy from! They are always offering great deals and you can even get them on amazon! I have almost every color :) They come in all sizes, adjustable, 3PLY, mens, women's, unisex and even kids!

Hope y'all enjoy!! "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal"


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