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The Perfect Candle "Kollection"

Have you ever wanted to experience a bit of the Hamptons without having to take the trip? The sun, the stars, and summer bonfires seep through the candles and clothing that is called the Hamptons Kollection.

2020 finds the inclusion of two new candles into the product line. One is a 100% soy hand poured limited edition candle called “Holiday Jitters”, whose scent is that of amber and oakmoss. Their signature “Hamptons” candle fancies a scent foundation of lilac and lavender.

Just recently launched the third line: "Palm Beach"

These candles smell amazing and are the perfect gifts for yourself, friends or family! :) Check them out below and visit them at & instagram @hamptonskollection

Signature Hamptons Candle:

"That feeling out east - summer night bonfires, endless days

in the sun, an irresistible call to the sea & unforgettable

memories with friends & family!"

9 oz Soy 100% Handpoured Candle


Lilac & Lavender

Palm Beach

/ That feeling of an escape to a permanent tropical vacation,

filled with sun soaked days, endless drinks by the sea and

unforgettable memories with friends & family!


Grapefruit & Fig

Holiday Jitters

Our Limited Holiday Jitters Candle

9 oz Soy 100% Handpoured candle

Scent: Oakmoss & Amber


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