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Olivers Apparel

~My New Favorite Work Out Shorts~

I have been on a huge workout kick for the last 3 months, typically I would workout out or go to the gym 2/3 times a week- but recently I have joined a new gym (PurFitness) and have been even more motivated to go every day- (maybe its a bit pricey) but totally worth it! I am now going 7 days week for 2 months straight.

Now that I have been getting into my routine, I was in need of a few new work out clothes! I recently been turned onto Olivers Apparel and their shorts are amazing! Great fit, light weight breathable fabrics and honestly, they look great on you! ;)

Their subtle basics are my favorite right now! I got the all over Short in Black. They have a little bit of a tight fit but I actually prefer that because it accentuates your glutes and thighs ;)

Olivers are an independent brand based in California. Their iconic athletic wear defy seasons. I would recommend purchasing a pair or three and experience how amaing their premium fabrics, expert craftsmanship and thoughtfrout designs for yourself. You will be hooked!

Check them out on their website now & social @oliversapparel.


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